What exactly is this QUEST?
The “Quest” in QuestFest stands for our main event- an epic scavenger hunt through the Historic District of Savannah, GA! The twist? The teams, which are made of of 10-15 members each (minimum of two adults and a maximum of five), are after experiences and not items. Using a smart phone, groups will choose challenges, submit photographic evidence and receive points via our QuestFest app. The more creative a submission, the more points awarded, so be sure to think outside of the box because the winning teams will take home tons of cash and prizes! The best part of the whole thing? The challenges, which we’re calling Quests, are designed with Girl Scout values in mind, so while we’re having fun, we’ll be making the world a better place too!

What are the prizes for QuestFest 2017?
QuestFest is going to be full of great swag, prizes and cash! Keep an eye out for more details, but go ahead and get excited about the winnings for first, second and third place:

1st place = $3,000 for team + $3,000 for council
2nd place = $2,000 for team + $3,000 for council
3rd place = $1,000 for team + $1,000 for council

*Don’t forget that in order to claim prizes for your team and your council, you’ll need to complete a Council Authorization Form.

“The Land of Oz” ain’t got nothin’ on the City of Savannah… except a Yellow Brick Road. Meet us in Lafayette Square to color your teams section of the sidewalk.
20 points

Make like a Spice Girl and “tell us what you want, what you really really want” for girls around the globe by creating a sign for Project Everyone using the provided poster board. When you’re done creating, take a picture of at least three girls from your team standing on the steps of City Hall with their sign, and upload it using the hashtag #whatireallyreallywant.
Up to 30 points

Head over to Girl Scout First Headquarters to find a photo of JGL. Using our provided props, create a fabulous recreation!The more fun the pose, the more points earned.
Up to 15 points