Register now! Secure Early Bird pricing when you pay the $50 per person deposit before 2/28. Please note, participating adults must register for the Quest. The “Non-Quester” option is for tagalongs that are not participating but want to attend add-on events or the Awards/Concert Finale.

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Ghosts, boats and campfires, oh my! This year’s agenda packs in lots of classic Savannah fun.

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Our FAQs include info about Council Authorization Forms, FHQ’s extended hours and more!

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Look through this info before you book! 

Girl Scout QuestFest is a unique (and detailed!) experience, and we want to make sure that you have all the information you need to plan an unforgettable and affordable trip for your girls. If the content on this page doesn’t answer all of your questions, please check our FAQ or find us via Facebook. We’re happy to respond to your messages there. You can also call GSHG’s Customer Care Team at 1-888-698-1912 to speak with a member of our QuestFest Team.

This year’s QuestFest is July 12-15, 2018 in Savannah, Georgia, and Early Bird Registration runs through the month of February. Regular Registration closes on June 1. Until then, all registrations can be altered. After the deadline all changes will be permanent and any balance must be paid in full.

Prices for QuestFest 2018 are the same as last year. You will need to know which Girl Scout Council you belong to, as well as your Troop information. QuestFest prices are as follows and include participation in the Quest, entrance to our Girl Scout Expo, a swag bag from our sponsors and admission to our Awards/Concert Finale.

Out-Of-Council (Non- GSHG Members) Prices:
Early Bird: $85 per person

Regular: $100 per person 
Deposit due at registration: $50 per person

In-Council (GSHG Members Only) Prices:
Early Bird: $75 per person

Regular: $85 per person
Deposit due at registration: $50 per person

In addition to the QuestFest price, attendees are able to purchase tickets to additional events, including a Bridging Ceremony sponsored by Kelly Tours, a Savannah Banana baseball game, several tours, a movie night and more. For more information, see the full schedule, or visit our Fest page. Please note, people who are not attending the Quest but would like to attend an add-on event are welcome to register on our system as a “Non-Quester”. Non-Questers are able to purchase tickets to all add-on events as well as tickets to our Awards/Concert Finale. They may not participate in the actual Quest.

Our FAQ covers lots of important details, and we suggest you read through it before booking. For example, the FAQ covers:

-All QuestFest attendees must be registered for QuestFest as well as Girl Scouts. This applies to all Questing adults and girls. If you’re not currently registered and would like to participate, please use this link to plug in your zip and become a member of your local Council.

– To participate in the Quest, girls must be entering the first grade or above in Fall 2018, and to participate in the Bridging Ceremony, girls must be 10 years or older before July 14, 2018.

-If you plan on travelling with Girl Scout Daisies, please check with your local Girl Scout Council about their travel policies since some have strict restrictions on traveling with younger girls. You should also check with your Council to complete any necessary trip paperwork and check on any policies surrounding services like Airbnb or Uber.

-Savannah is handicap accessible, and we are happy to accommodate any special needs. However, the Quest is fairly physical, and it can be demanding to be in the Savannah heat all day. Remember to wear sunscreen, pack walking shoes and bring a reusable water bottle. Water stations will be provided throughout the area.Those participating the the Bridging should also be aware of the 1.5 mile walk uphill.

-Remember, at least one member of the team must have a smartphone. Each team will need to download our exclusive app. This may require using data or connecting to Wi-Fi. We are using a new app, and while we don’t anticipate any issues, it could be helpful for one team member to have access to a laptop.

-We are excited to offer two tracks this year, and we are happy to pair small groups with other groups to make a team. Competitive teams must have between 10-15 participants with a minimum of 2 adults and maximum of 5. If your groups doesn’t meet team requirements and doesn’t wish to be paired with another group, you can still participate on our non-competitive track. Please note that non-competitive teams are not be eligible for the prize money. Groups that do not meet the 10-15 per team requirement but would still like to compete on our competitive track will be paired with another group. Although we take grade-level into consideration, we cannot promise that girls will be matched with others their age. After registration closes on 6/1, we will share group pairings. It is the responsibility of the leaders to make contact and devise a plan to talk or even meet before Questing. We suggest chatting via phone prior to the event and then meeting at the check-in or expo. 

-Non-GSHG teams opting for the competitive track must complete the Council Authorization Form in order to be eligible for the cash prize. Please email the form to by 6/1.

-When planning your trip, don’t forget to leave time to book a tour at Girl Scout First Headquarters (FHQ) and the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace. FHQ’s extended hours are listed in our FAQ. Birthplace hours are TBD.

-We have exclusive hotel blocks available, but we’re also opening Girl Scout Camp Low on Rose Dhu Island (40 minutes outside of downtown) for tent and cabin space. This is a beautiful property, and we’re hosting two nights of our Twilight Camp add-on there. You can book your stay at Camp Low by adding it to your QuestFest registration in our system. Please note, transportation is not included and is the responsibility of the campers. Prices are as follows:

-Cabin bed (about 5 beds per cabin): $16 per person per night. Includes a hot breakfast Friday and Saturday morning.
-Tent space: $14 per person per night
-Add a night of swimming for $2 per person

We are a small but mighty team! We’re updating information constantly, and we’re happy to speak with you. You can always contact us with comments, questions or concerns on Facebook or through GSHG’s Customer Care at 1-888-689-1912.

Help us spread the world about Girl Scout QuestFest by sharing our flyer! This is an annual event.